How Much E-Cigarette Nicotine Should One Have

E-Cigarette NicotineHow much nicotine content should I have?

People who order their e-cigarette kit for the first time have several questions in their mind. One of the most popular or frequently arising questions is the amount or the levels of nicotine that should be consumed. Actually, this quantity varies from person to person. How much e cigarette nicotine you should consume totally depends on the kind of traditional smoker you were in the past. If you were a mild smoker, that is if you were consuming less than half a packet of cigarettes a day, then the craving for nicotine may be quite high. In other words, you may want to consume more e cigarette nicotine. For people who have been heavy smokers before, like smoking more than one pack of regular cigarettes, for example, they may not like the strong flavour of nicotine. Such people would prefer milder doses of nicotine. Basically, there are four different types of nicotine content.

• A fully-flavoured cigarette will have 18 mg of nicotine.

• A light flavoured one will have 12 mg of nicotine.

• An ultra-light one will have 6 mg of nicotine.

• Some are 0 mg nicotine cartridges.

Before you decide on the amount of e cigarette nicotine, we suggest that you try out the different flavours first. As a beginner, you may not know how much you need to stop your craving for the actual cigarette. So, test and try it out for yourself. People who choose the 0 mg cartridges are usually the ones who just want to feel the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette, and are not very particular about the content. It works well for such people! The no-nicotine e-cigarette is recommended for people who want to cease smoking after using regular e-cigarettes. The full-flavoured cigarettes that come with 18 mg nicotine are for people who have smoked strong cigarettes – Marlboro, for example! People who smoke ultra lights and lights may go for the 12 mg, or the 6 mg one.

The Difference between E Cigarette Nicotine and Actual Cigarette

People who are new to the concept of smoking e-cigarettes should keep one thing in mind, which is that the e cigarette nicotine is not going to taste the same as a regular cigarette. A regular cigarette is mixed with tobacco and several other chemicals. Nicotine is only a small percentage of the regular cigarette. The e cigarette nicotine is pure and only has nicotine content with some added flavours; it does not have any other chemicals in it. It is nicotine in a liquid form that evaporates once you light up the e-cigarette. The process of getting used to the pure form of nicotine takes some amount of time. However, many users have not reported any side effects of smoking pure form of nicotine until now. So, going by market research, it is quite considered safe and normal. If you opt for flavoured cigarettes, keep in mind that the different flavours come with varied levels of nicotine. Therefore, before you buy the cartridges make sure you read through the content list thoroughly.

Effectiveness of E Cigarette Nicotine

The department of public health in any country says that the most difficult thing to do is to get people to quit smoking. For a smoker, the decision is quite certainly very tough! When it comes to having them quit smoking through counselling, patches and alternative therapies, they make a decision to quit momentarily. However, the effects of such therapies do not last long. Eventually, they start craving for a cigarette and decide to have just one and never turn back. However, that single cigarette restarts the habit and soon before the person realises, he/she will be smoking a pack or more in a single day. More than the decision to quit smoking, the commitment to fight the craving is important. If the person can resist the craving, then it becomes a lot easier to quit the habit. For this, he will need a substitute in the initial days. Public health experts have noticed that people who use e cigarette nicotine cut down their actual smoking to nearly 50 per cent in six weeks time. Some people also stop smoking altogether. The benefits of e cigarette nicotine have, thus, been established.

Logic behind E Cigarette Nicotine

Many experts believe that smoking nicotine directly is much better than ingesting more than 70 chemicals that are generally part of a normal cigarette. The process of making a normal cigarette involves a lot of chemicals. The nicotine content in the cigarette is treated with several chemicals and so they become a part of the cigarette. The e cigarette nicotine does not go through any treatment; it is used in its natural form. This is perhaps the reason why first-time smokers find it a little strong when they inhale it during the initial stages. It is a natural reaction and soon they will get used to it. The nicotine leaves are dried, crushed, and converted into a liquid form. In this process, no other chemicals are involved and sometimes, only flavours are added. You can also read the list of contents on an e-cigarette cartridge. You will only find about four to five items, including water, flavours, nicotine, and some liquid preservatives. The list may vary according to the manufacturer, but these are the basic components. A normal cigarette pack never gives you the list of contents because the table itself is huge. However, if you research the contents on the Internet, you will find that tar, carbon monoxide, methane, and many such chemicals are part of the pack. Some of them are even poisonous. However, the content is so low that you do not realise the effects of the poison. After a period of time, these chemicals can have devastating effects on your health.


Electronic cigarette nicotine has become very popular in the last few years because of the growing rate of lung cancer. It is an established fact that smoking causes lung cancer, and many people suffer from it and other lung-related issues worldwide. E-cigarettes are fast replacing regular cigarettes as a substitute. People who already use this product are strongly advocating it among peers and others. Several forums that recommend e-cigarettes list down the benefits the product has. In other words, e cigarette nicotine is now one of the most popular ways to consume cigarettes in the modern-day society.